Validating sitemap

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Validating sitemap

A News Sitemap can contain both News-specific elements and core Sitemap elements.

is a file you create for web crawlers, such as Googlebot, that gives them a list of web pages to crawl on your site.

As the error message says, the wildcard in question is a 'strict' one, meaning the elements it matches must be declared in the schema.

There may be a way to tell the validator to consult the schema document for the image namespace, but I could not see any obvious one.

You probably won't need this report if you cannot modify the sitemap for your site; for instance, if you are in a managed hosting environment such as Google Sites; these hosting services typically create and manage sitemaps for you.

That schema has a wildcard that will match your elements, but those elements are declared in a separate schema document at not in the schema being used.

After getting ripped of by several SEO companies, i've been trying to learn the process myself. Webmaster archive: Parse javascript links and new Youtube API support - Sitemap Generator v7.1 Track referring pages and include hreflang in sitemap - Sitemap Generator v7.0 Include subdomains in sitemap - Sitemap Generator script v6.1 Pro-Sitemaps Mobile App to manage your sitemaps RSS Feeds and AJAX content crawling in Sitemap Generator v6.0 PRO Sitemap Generator Service launched!

Video Sitemaps and News Sitemaps Images in sitemaps, xml stylesheet Mobile sitemaps, config presets, https support Email notifications, html sitemap customization is now pinged Google Sitemaps with Automatic priority More search engines are pinged Sitemap protocol v0.9 is supported Completely configurable HTTP header viewer created ROR sitemap supported HTML sitemap supported compliance All news By placing a formatted xml file with site map on your webserver, you enable Search Engine crawlers (like Google) to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly.

If the file is a sitemap index (a container file pointing to multiple sitemaps), clicking will drill down to a list of sitemaps in that index file.

It will take some time before Google can process a sitemap that you have submitted.

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Only sitemaps submitted through this tool are listed; the report will not list sitemaps exposed through other means, such as or .

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