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Updating single player commands

How to install Single Player Commands Pocket Edition 1. (Thanks to Why To Fu) -Added commands: /sprint on, /sprint off -Added descriptions to commands in this forum Single Player Commands v4.1: -Made Magic Carpet disappear when /mc off is typed Single Player Commands v4.2: -Added commands: /bounce, /coords Single Player Commands v4.3: -Added Auto-closing Portable Door -Removed /pdoor close, as it now automatically closes -Added Android Script ID Single Player Commands v4.4: -Added commands: /hole -Added /give message Single Player Commands v5: -Added Spawn Touch and Raining Animals! Look down to lower the carpet Single Player Commands v4: -Sprint mode added!In addition, you can also press "ESC" to go into the menu, which will provide you with an interface for navigating some (not all) of the commands.

-Added commands: /spawn on|off, /rain chicken|cow Single Player Commands v6: -Added nuke and Insta Break!There are other commands available which are used to state the level of the dinosaur you desire to summon.Stuck on a command, confused or just looking for something new?Well, you might be surprised to know you can already do that.We already have a multi-layered plan to backup non-rooted Android devices, but Helium is a core part of that.

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It’s easier if you root your Android phone For the first time, Google has released the stock Android launcher for anyone who wants it.