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Since we will work with SQL database in our example, we will use the Sql Connection object.

Although you can use the Public Sub Save Changes(By Val ds As Data Set) Dim ds Errors As Data Set If ds. Modified) Then Try Dim bus As New DAObject() ' Call the business object ds Errors = bus. In this case, it checks to see whether any rows have been modified and if so, instantiates the data access object and calls its Update method.I was recently tasked with a project at a company to update an SQL Server 2008 database with large amounts of data each day.The task at first seemed daunting due to the files exceeding well over 400,000 records and there were several that needed processing daily.Enter a few data in the table and click Save All to save the data. Ole Db Connection is used to access OLEDB data such as Microsoft Access. Sql COnnection is used to access data provided by Microsoft SQL Server.

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