The pitfalls of senior dating

Posted by / 04-Feb-2019 16:41

The pitfalls of senior dating

One of the main areas of caution is the health status of your prospective partner.Old age brings its own set of emotional and health related problems.

Nearly 1 in 7 men (14%) reported taking medication to improve sexual function.You never know, even your date may be suffering from a few problems of his / her own and may mention them to you after you open up.Therefore, it is advisable to be very frank about your health status and mention any health issues.You may decide to go on a negative rant about a politician and then you learn that your date was a major financial contributor to that campaign. Or you may have lost your former spouse to a horrible illness and you decide to tell your date the whole story and you end up in tears.As significant as that event was in your life, you have to understand that doing this will likely not only alter the positive mood that you need on a date, but alter your date’s perception of you.

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Be positive in your approach and mention that you can continue with a lot of other activities in spite of your health problems.