Musalman wakf validating act 1930

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(2) “Hanafi Mussalman” means a follower of the Mussalman faith who conforms to the tenets and doctrines of the Hanafi school of Mussalman law.3.It shall be lawful for any person professing the Mussalman faith to create a wakf which in all other respects is in accordance with the provisions of Mussalman law, for the following among other purposes:- (a) for the maintenance and support wholly or partially of his family, children or descendants, and (a) where the person creating a wakf is a Hanafi Mussalman, also for his own maintenance and support during his lifetime or for the payment of his debts out of the rents and profits of the property dedicated: Provided that the ultimate benefit is in such cases expressly or impliedly reserved for the poor or for any other purpose recognized by the Mussalman law as a religious, pious or charitable purpose of a permanent character.4.This step itself is revolutionary as it envisages a Non-Muslim judge presiding over sharia matters in toto. All in all this is an excellent piece of legislation that will go a long way in restoring to Pakistan some sanity.IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT MADRAS DATED: C O R A M THE HONOURABLE MR. The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 (15 of 1872).

The aim is clear: laws need to be simple, focusing on good governance and investments.Like those ancient specimens in a museum, they are around for decades and centuries.Except that they are not mummies or fossils or samples of pottery dug out from the depth of history, but curious laws that have no relevance in modern India. As defined by Muslim jurists such as Abu Hanifa, Wakf is the detention of a specific thing that is in the ownership of the waqif or appropriator, and the devotion of its profits or usufructs to charity, the poor, or other good objects, in the manner of areeat or commodate loan. Technically, it means a dedication of some specific property for a pious purpose or secession of pious purposes.

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The Disturbed Areas (Special Courts) Act, 1976 (77 of 1976).