Edmonton dating scene

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Edmonton dating scene

The two accused are each facing eight counts each of fraud and theft, and numerous other charges are pending.

The pair was arrested in a joint operation with the Edmonton Police Service Cyber Crimes Investigative Detail and Technological Crimes Unit and members of the Calgary Police on Thursday, February 18 at two homes in southwest Calgary.

Investigators also believe there could be other victims in Alberta, and throughout the Vancouver area, who have not yet come forward.As people are going on more first dates thanks to the likes of Tinder, it seems that it’s also influencing the all-important question of who pays the bill in a restaurant.Thankfully, it seems that things are getting a little more equal between the sexes as more women are more willing to split the check, and this equality is expected to become more noticeable in everything from buying drinks to entertainment activities.Tinder’s giddy, rapid game of choosing a match based on looks alone has a predictable downside (Vanity Fair blames the app for bringing on a “dating apocalypse”).With nothing at stake, and nothing to lose, the messages Virginia gets are half-serious — and sometimes half-naked.

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The informal experiment led Roderique to a disheartening conclusion: "People aren't as open as perhaps they claim to be." Roderique joined CTV's Your Morning Wednesday, to share the details of her social experiment, which highlighted what she says are some of the underlying realities of the supposedly liberal-minded dating scene in Toronto.

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