Dating yamaha flattop guitars

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Dating yamaha flattop guitars

Everyone knows Yamaha, whether they're in the music industry or not.

They're the world's biggest manufacturer of instruments, and they didn't get there by mistake: they did it by keeping their build and sound quality to the highest standards.

Yamaha occupies a surprisingly unusual niche in the guitar industry.

The company, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its presence on the American market and export to other countries beyond Japan, has consistently produced guitars that have sold in impressive numbers and attracted a notable following of celebrity players and esteemed pros.

Although Yamaha was originally founded in 1887 to produce pianos and organs, the company did not start building guitars until the early Forties, eventually opening a factory dedicated exclusively to guitar construction in Hamamatsu in the late Forties.

Yamaha’s first guitars were nylon-string classical models, and these guitars were sold only by retailers within Japan through the Fifties and early Sixties.

To satisfy customers, particularly those on tight middle class budgets, retailers turned to Asian manufacturers to fill their shelves with affordable, low-cost instruments.

The phenomenal increase in demand for guitars was very beneficial to Yamaha.

Over the last couple years we have really made a name for ourselves and built a reputation for selling acoustic guitars, this is partly because of our temperature-controlled and purposely spec'd acoustic guitar demo room where you can find many of the finest acoustic guitars available today.By the mid Sixties, the entire world had a fever called Beatlemania, and the only prescription was more guitars.The United States was particularly stricken, and domestic guitar companies struggled to keep up with the increasing demand for anything with six strings.Both were set-neck, carved-top mahogany guitars with a little elevated pickguards.The SG-90 was fairly plain, with simple top binding, no binding on the fingerboard, dot inlays, and chrome hardware.

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Yet the success of Yamaha guitars is influenced more by their reputation for high quality and the outstanding value their instruments offer for the money than by the usual forms of guitar hero worship that drive many guitar sales.

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