Dating a guy who is out of my league

Posted by / 02-Sep-2018 10:00

Dating a guy who is out of my league

The majority of men won't even introduce themselves in these situations.

Even in more acceptable environments, most who do say hi to her are half-expecting rejection. They say stupid things and give up at the first sign of awkwardness.

Does anyone else date someone out of their 'league'. He gets a lot of attention from girls but had social anxiety so found it difficult making friends/ seeing girls. If I'm complete Ly honest I would say I'm a 7/ 8.5 (with make up) BUT I find that in general the percentage of 'attractive' girls seems to be higher (I believe), so although I am okay, I don't stand out the way he does.

And don’t let the movie fool you into thinking that this phenomenon restricted to average Joes, it applies just as well to average Janes too! Think back to the times you watched Ugly Betty – she was into a guy who people considered completely out of her league! Well of course, it’s just a means of expression, but the truth is that most of us create our own leagues.

If you haven’t, well it’s about a guy, this average Joe, who is in love with a gorgeous girl.

As can be expected, so is every other living guy in her vicinity, and poor Joe doesn’t think he has a chance.

I sometimes wonder if we are only together because I was more patient with his slow efforts than other girls.

I also worry that the level of attention he gets may become very tempting one day.

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Ever seen a breathtakingly beautiful woman and not said anything because she was “out of your league? Seriously, this isn't a concept you should even think about.