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While this is possible, the process requires you to first export one of the calendar folders and then import it to the second folder.

Afterward you can delete the exported calendar in Outlook if you prefer. Select or deselect the "Include subfolders" option based on your preference for including subfolders in this export and later in the calendar merge.

PST CLEANUP - SIMPLIFIED, ACCURATE Personal Storage Tables (PST) files pose a risk and a significant challenge in meeting theses needs.

Their migration can be fraught with issues and exceptions thrown from password-protected, corrupt or in-use files, as well as issues from files created by staff who have left the organization.

Microsoft Outlook is perhaps best known for its email management features, but it offers you many other organization tools, including scheduling management in the Calendar section.

You can create multiple calendars in Outlook to help stay organized, though you may need to merge two calendars into a single calendar.

Make Microsoft® Exchange Server more compliant, available, secure and efficient.

In 2008 Skaggs graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Arts in humanities.Plus, you can ensure coexistence and manage your messaging environment faster – and with Zero IMPACT.Accelerate your Exchange migration and simplify Exchange management with the company that’s migrated nearly 60 million mailboxes and managed 35 million mailboxes.Let's say you want to have all information finally in file 'C'.Start 'Synch Pst for Outlook' and choose on the left side file 'A' and on the right side file 'C'.

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While most organizations understand that PST file management is a necessity, managing PSTs is not an easy task, as PST files present organizations with a variety of challenges, such as security and compliance risks, the potential for data leakage, and spiraling storage costs.

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