Capistrano error validating server certificate

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providing any online signatures is vulnerable to the first two points of why it's a bad idea, published checksums are good only for verifying the download worked without any problems, only third party service could provide additional level of security to protect from mistrusted checksums - but then someone can get your credentials to upload those checksums and we are back to no security If it's Linux software, see if you can dispense with standalone install scripts entirely and instead build proper signed packages (the Open Build Service can build packages for various Linux distros which will be signed by the build system's PGP key).

it is linux software and it would be possible to package it - except that RVM is recommended as user installation, I discourage any kind of system installation, this includes packages for RVM, only skilled system administrators should use system installations, they will know how to build a package that does what they need to be done to their systems, for anyone else (including less skilled admins) just use user installation - and this defies the point of packaging.

Here is the error and what my /opt directory looks ... After installing nix into Ubuntu 16.04 LTS(Japanese translated version), I installed ruby with nix-env command. When I run yum install kde-workspace it installs/downgrades to ruby which makes the application ... I've installed mysql (5.7.16-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (Ubuntu)) and, using RVM, have installed ...

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I am making a new AMI in EC2 and want to disable it running anything that could be put in user-data when launching (or rebooting) from this AMI. I was able to access amazon instance via IP address, I was assigning my godaddy domain name to amazon instance using this tutorial.

I'm facing a problem at the moment in trying to use AWS: "Instance storage" is not always automatically mounted.

And depending on the instance type, the device names for the SSD volumes can vary.

I did this on my amazon instance and it's been more than 48 hrs. I've been following's AWS essential training and I've successfully set up an EC2 instance but when I try to put it behind a load balancer I can not access it through the ELB's public DNS. I was wondering if someone can help me by sharing knowledge on Ubuntu OS patching over AWS. I need some persistent storage across spot terminations.

I tried to find it on Ubuntu documentation but my bad, I didn't get any relevant post there. When running bind in chroot, the mysql dlz driver cannot resolve the hostname of the mysql server (rds). My approach to solve the problem is Write a startup script that attaches and mounts the persistent volume Snapshot this state and register ...

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