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[By the way, we could not keep all these women straight, so at some point soon we will bring you the e-flashcard version of Know Your Desperate Famewhores! Mallory: Opening on a shirtless shot was a wise move, VH1 producers Becca: Ugh, I miss Hawaii. Mallory: The credit sequences features lots of shirtlessness and tight shirts. Becca: In this instance I am happy to be a lowest common denominator.

It should be both fun and educational, which is the balance we always try to strike.] Mallory: I hope your vaccinations are all in order, because we are in for a long hour of skankery Becca: I even took some preventative antibiotics, just in case. Becca: Whoever called Jagger "the hunk with a heart," or told ASJ it is okay to refer to yourself that way, complete with airquotes?

nostalgia is so strong, your yearning to remember the days when the show didn't stink the place up so intense, your affection for Antonio Sabato Jr.'s bare torso so longstanding that you will watch even his cheesy, low-rent VH1 reality dating show fame-grab -- er, quest for love? Fortunately for the smarter of you out there who avoided it, we took one for the team and live-blogged this thing.

Read on, but beware, the scent of desperation may overwhelm you even through the internet! Becca: And she didn't get chosen (er, "chosen") on those, so they brought her back? Add it to the list of things I don't understand about VH1. Here we go Becca: OMG, it's five seconds in and we have multiple shirtless shots!

Her mother, a dancer, was the only one of her family to escape the Nazis; after the war she married an aristocrat who refused to join the Communist Party.

The government forced the family to join the circus, where Yvonne and her father had an acrobatic act involving a unicycle.

"It's classy, even though there is some trash in it," he added, "but that will be dealt with by me." "My Antonio," premiering tomorrow night at 10, features Sabato narrowing down a field of 13 women in hopes of finding a wife. "But it's not only about the physical stuff," he said. I'm not going to keep you on the show for the hell of it, or for ratings." Sabato said he knew some of the women would be there for the "fun and games" that come with reality TV (also, the catfights and free drinks), but he was hoping there would be at least one in the crowd who was there for him.

"If I don't feel there's a connection right away, I have to be honest.

(That’s nothing compared to Shawna Craig’s husband Lorenzo Lamas who’s been married five times and has six kids!You, at least, have watched a VH1 reality dating show before, haven't you? Mallory: I'm not particularly proud to admit that I have, and that each show has killed a part of my soul, which is why it's becoming rapidly clear that I am dead inside. Mallory: He didn't seem as ashamed as he should have been to refer to himself in that way.Mallory: I am TOTALLY resisting the impulse to make a virgin who can't drive joke about you, by the by Becca: I know! Although if he had any sense of shame, he wouldn't be on this show in the first place, so I suppose it is a moot point. It was, like, someone pointing a camcorder in the general direction of a TV! Is that how you get around ABC Daytime being assholes?Like, Random Girl #1 loved ASJ as Jagger, and Random Girl #2 liked him in the Janet Jackson video. Mallory: And Christi is a former playmate--shocker! Such as: "I want to pour champagne into his dimples and suck it out".Becca: I'm sure she's very intelligent, Mallory. We're only a few minutes into the episode and she went to the sucking place! Mallory: I also like how he described walking up to the girls as "It was really blurry".

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If you see that big maroon Valducci’s Pizza Truck, I would definately say to go try a slice.

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