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) of the Superior Courts Act 10 of 2013 for special leave to appeal against a decision of a division of the high court sitting as a court of appeal – high court has no jurisdiction to hear application – special leave of the Supreme Court of Appeal is required – special leave to appeal against sentence granted.

The police officers who set up a trap for the appellant testified that the appellant had participated during the sale of cocaine over a period of two weeks on four different occasions and that he appeared to be in control of the operations.[3] On 31 January 2003 the trial court imposed a sentence of eight years’ imprisonment on each count.

The most obvious form in which this consumption occurs is seen in the wearing of liveries and the occupation of spacious servants' quarters.

Another, scarcely less obtrusive or less effective form of vicarious consumption, and a much more widely prevalent one, is the consumption of food, clothing, dwelling, and furniture by the lady and the rest of the domestic establishment.

It is traceable back to the initial phase of predatory culture, and there is even a suggestion that an incipient differentiation in this respect lies back of the beginnings of the predatory life. Such consumption as falls to the women is merely incidental to their work; it is a means to their continued labour, and not a consumption directed to their own comfort and fullness of life.

Unproductive consumption of goods is honourable, primarily as a mark of prowess and a perquisite of human dignity; secondarily it becomes substantially honourable in itself, especially the consumption of the more desirable things.

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"I've laid in food, Dear, And broached the spiced and brewed, Dear; And if our July hope should antedate, Let the char-wench mount and gallop by the halterpath and wood, Dear, And fetch assistance straight.