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The male has been roosting close by; ether behind the nest, above the nest or on a nearby tree. The ensuing "midnight duets" can probably be heard for miles around! The male brought a very large fish in during the day. Last evening, in the rain and wind, our new female laid an egg.

Incubation continues, and it is wet and cold today. A sudden gust of wind tossed the female right over the other day, though she resettled, if somewhat ruffled and even embarrassed. It seems that this female has again shown a tactic of delayed incubation and it will be very interesting to see the difference in timing for hatch. We first glimpsed the egg at around pm and assume she laid it shortly before. We supervised several hours of maintenance work on the cameras and their mountings, including cleaning the lens and adjusting the sound.

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The adults continue to be seen on their favourite river roost and around last year's nest.

Cameras will be turned off in March and early April, as there will be a Controlled Burn in part of the Nature Reserve forest, home of our nest.

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For the latest observations, click on ' Eagle Diary' below. We see the male and female swap incubating duty an average of 10 times during daylight hours.